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The information and exercises in this book will help you build real wealth so you can plan for retirement, provide for your family’s future, or give to a worthy cause.

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“Your ability to understand and select good commercial real estate can make you rich, and this book shows you better than any book you’ll ever read.” –Brian Tracy, Speaker, Author, Consultant

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“Whether you’re a real estate novice or an experienced pro wanting to dramatically improve your performance, Pure Profits deserves very careful reading and total digestion. There’s no question that this book will help you either get started right or finally get it right afterwards.”
–Dr. Joseph E. McCann, University Dean

“Al Auger is the quintessential real estate professional who employs the three P’s: Persistence, Practicality, and the often overlooked ingredient for any successful relationship, Personality. I have witnessed his refined techniques firsthand with the Auto Nation rollout and our own real es- tate developments. They work, and they will help you be more success- ful!” –Jim Hendrix, Vice President, Land Acquisitions & Development, Continental Real Estate Company

“Bravo! You couldn’t have presented a more logical approach for get- ting started in commercial real estate investing. After almost twenty years in buying commercial real estate for various corporations, I have finally found a great reference book for the real estate professional. If you were looking for a mentor and for guidance, Pure Profits is all you need.” –Alex Dominguez, MCR, CCIM, Sr. Director of Real Estate, Chick-Fil-A, Inc.

“In designing and managing investment portfolios for more than twenty- five years, I have come to appreciate the role that real estate can play in adding diversification, and hence safety, to one’s net worth. There are basically only two ways to acquire real estate: one is through a public or private securities offering, and the second is doing it on your own. Pure Profits is a must-read for anyone who wants to do the latter!” –Joseph F. Bert, CFP Chairman and CEO, Certified Financial Group, Inc

“Al Auger does a great job getting to the point quickly and helping the reader understand that hard work, diligence, and common sense go a long way in a very competitive market. He clearly outlines the mechan- ics to enter a business in which knowledge is king.”–Robert Breslau, President, Stiles Retail Group

“Pure Profits is a practical, common sense approach to commercial real estate, providing insights and information you can put into practice eas- ily. I highly recommend this book to anyone just starting in commercial real estate, as well as to those already in the business.”
–Sandra Shaver, Real Estate & Development Manager (retired), 7-Eleven, Inc.

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