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Increase Your Sales with Great Communication: Stop Talking

Are you making the money you are capable of making? Are you getting all you can out of your relationships? Are you reaching your true potential? If not, it maybe time to try a new approach.  Whether in business or personal relationships, many times it’s what you don’t say that propels you to success.

What causes today’s communication challenges? Well unfortunately, many people get caught up in the “rat race” which leads to rushing  conversations,  and losing sales and relationships. However, by simply changing the way you communicate (what you say as well as when you say it)  you can gain more sales and develop better relationships. When you become aware of the common but negative communication habits many people use and then take the steps to change them, you will create the results you desire. The following will lead you to success.

The bottom line is to be genuine. I am very concerned for others, sometimes to my own fault, as others can be selfishly motivated. But being genuine will allow me to sleep at night.  Keeping that in mind that you must be yourself and genuine, here are some tips to help you dig deep into what you truly want.

I do not just want to make the sale. I want to make a friend. The business stuff is important, but the relationship will last forever. I have found this to be very hard, because some people are just not interested in anything other than the sale.  I can live with that. It is their choice. So to work with such people, the below are good tips to keep it at their level.

1. Stop selling

Too many people become overly focused on” making” the sale happen. In fact, in most motivational meetings and seminars, we hear the words, “Make things happen.” All this,”trying to make things happen”, in my opinion, leads to the self-absorbed sale or no sale.

Instead of forcing things to happen, stop selling and become genuinely interested in your prospect’s activities, needs, and wants. Get your prospects talking about themselves, about their business, and most important about your competitors. It’s time for you to start learning your way into a sale.

2.Solve problems

To keep your prospects talking, ask them key questions that will get them to open up to you. You may ask, “what do you like and dislike about your current product or service provider?” or “What do you like and dislike about your products or services?” The goal is to get your prospects to tell you exactly what they want and need from you. Get them to detail how they envision you helping them.

3.Paraphrasing for better understanding

Paraphrasing insures accurate communication and effective negotiating.  By repeating, in your own words, what the other person has said, and posing it as a question, you can convey your understanding of the concept. For example, you may say, “let me see if I understand. Are you saying…?” Or what you mean is…?” Or “What I hear you saying is…?” As a result, an unambiguous conversation will develop as the other party either confirms your understanding to be correct or explains his or her position.

4.Seek out the pleasure points

People instinctively move towards things that provide the most pleasure and away from things that provide the most pain. For example, I’ll get great pleasure from eating something sweet, whether it be candy or cake. That’s why obesity and diabetes is on the rise. Conversely exercise provides pain, and therefore many people avoid it. Business transactions are the same. We move towards the item in the transaction that is beneficial to us and away from those that are not. The trick is to actively listen long enough so that you can learn what  gives your prospects pleasure, and then take the actions to deliver it.

5.Read body language

Body language often reveals more about what a person is thinking and may provide you with the key to closing the sale. For example, if the prospect can’t look at you well speaking, he may be hiding something. If she is fidgeting in her chair, it may show you that she’s uncomfortable with the conversation. Birds read such nonverbal clues so you can change your sales strategy and get the results you want.

6.Avoid common communication crushers

Many sales never materialize because salespeople state their ideas by using communication pressures. For example a response to an idea or suggestion that starts with an F attic”No!” And follows with”I have a better idea”, Will demolish your chances of continuing to receive input from the other part a better approach is to say,”That sounds great. How about building on that with…”

In conclusion, it it’s best to talk less and listen more

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