How to Create a Killer Investment Plan

This is the best ever published and easy to understand investment planner. 

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Have you ever wanted to know how to analyze a potential investment?  

Have you ever thought you did it right only to do the project and it turned out all wrong?

Well, I’ve been through numerous, many, a lot, ok, tons of investment proposals. I am pretty good at shooting holes in them pretty quickly too. Why? Because most people are not objective in their proposal. They are manipulated by their own greed “to do the deal”.

Well, this is the way I analyze a potential investment. It’s hard. It hard to stay honest and not let greed or even ego get in the way. This is one of those times you must remove all of your heart and stay stone cold in your head.

You only use the heart part at the very end. When you looked at all the numbers and you are good with them, now is the time to ask your heart if it feels right, and only then.

This is a very detailed look at the proper way, that I believe, to analyze any potential investment, whether it be a business or a property.

It is amazing how it works for me. I know many other pros that do this the same way.

The price is nothing compared to what you will make or what it will save you from doing, $10.  Some of the best deals I did where the ones I never did.

You get every expense you must look at in order to create a killer plan.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Albert Auger