Give, Gift Children Life Purpose – Donate Now

Help build a school and give the gift of purpose to a child in need and surprisingly to your self. You will feel the benefit of giving in your life one hundred fold. 

We aim to help others that are less fortunate. It is our obligation to help. We do not have the luxury to sit back and relax.  Our charitable interests are in educating children in nearly every country around the world. We help nonprofits by providing  funding, and support they need to become more effective.

We’re building schools for those less fortunate. Why? 

  • Education provides a meaningful purpose to any life.  It is a vital component to happiness, the ability to work and contribute to society.
  • Education opens the door to that life.
  • Schools provide high quality education to poor children who cannot otherwise access or afford it.
  • Schools provide a nurturing & practical approach to education, helping children learn.
  • We find the need and fill it. We provided funds for building new schools, supporting scholarships for the children in need.

Help build a school and give a child the promise of knowledge and wonderful life. 

Our donations go towards critical infrastructure like classrooms,  and learning material.

Donate Now and review the different programs at the bottom of this page.


Education is the only ladder for our children.  Donate now and help a child with the gift of a life filled with purpose for both the child and you.  Choose a plan below and let’s build more schools.

My Sincere Thanks,

Albert Auger

***Our buy a book give a brick or twelve program helps to subsidize classroom materials.***


buy a book give a brick or twelve program and also help build schools for those in need.

Our Books that qualify for the program are:

Pure Profits

7 Success Secrets to Take Control of Your Life and Financial Situation