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I get asked a lot by numerous people looking for the keys to the kingdom. They want to change their life.   I hate this position, because I am not that smart. The only thing I know how to do is try. So I try without worrying too much about the outcome, success or failure.  Because, quite frankly, I don’t know if I am doing it right or not. I only know that I am doing it.

I played hockey in High School. In fact, we were the state champions in Massachusetts back in 1979. That’s a lot of years ago. The boy, now old man like me,  who played center on my line was the first USA high schooler ever drafted into the NHL right out of high school.  So, yes, we were pretty good. Life then was easy.

You don’t have to be the best

My point in telling this  life story is to let you know that I was not the best player on the team. I was far from the best player on the team. I had no finesse like some of the other players.  I could not really handle the puck like some of the other players. I couldn’t skate as well as some of the other players. I knew that about myself. So I knew I had only one thing to do and that was to hustle more than anyone else. That I could do.

I would go crashing, literally crashing into the corner and come out with the puck. I think all the other finesse players kind-of backed off saying this kid is crazy, get out of the way or you’ll get hurt, because he just doesn’t care.

My point is, that was all I had to offer, and that was enough, as long as I kept up with it. Oh sure, the other players had all the finesse and would skate down the ice looking very good, pretty even. They got a lot of goals that way.  I didn’t get that many goals. But I got a ton of assists.

Know your strengths

Again, I knew I couldn’t get to the goal, but I knew I could get the puck to one of the finesse players and that was value I added. It kept me playing all the time. I even got offers from some of the best universities in the country to play for them.

My point is to always evaluate your strengths.  Always know what you have to offer.

The Million Dollar Thought

This small little paper that you are about to spend a measly 3 bucks on is worth millions to me. It will give you a new awareness of who you are.  It is my belief that a small bit of information like this is good to get you to think  for yourself. If you can think for yourself, then you are golden.

No one can make you do anything you do not want to do. Success and failure is your own choice no matter what anyone says or provides. This paper will help you to think about yourself. It does for me anyway. Maybe you will find it differently, I do not know.

All I can say is that it s cheaper than a starbucks coffee, with the effects of caffeine being temporary. This took me 25 years to get.

No more games learn something real

You might learn something that will change your life forever. 3 bucks is an easy risk calculation.

By the way, I’m not into games so I don’t sell it for 2.99 hoping you are stupid and think its only 2. No, you are smart and you know in reality, it is 3.

Now don’t delay any more. It’s only three bucks. Hit the button and let’s get started.

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